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Határtalanul (English)



Határtalanul! program

Apáczai Gimnázium, 2019.06.10.-06.14.

Utazás Erdélybe

Angol nyelvű élménybeszámoló.

First day:

We met at the school in the early morning. After everyone put their bags on we checked the documents and how many we were and we started our journey. There was a cheerful mood as we sang songs and listened to music, we were happy that our holiday had started. The border control was quick and unproblematic. Our first stop in Transylvania was Nagyszalonta. Where, after a short sightseeing trip we visited a sculpture park. Among the numerous statues even Arany János’ sculpture could be seen. After the photos had been taken  we got on the bus and continued our trip to Nagyvárad.

There, we visited the Szent László church. A short bus sightseeing trip followed the visit, after which we traveled to Királyhágó (Royal Pass). Királyhágó is considered to be the gateway to Transylvania.

We had some free time there in which we took photos and chatted. Our last stop for the day was Körösfő where we admired the beautiful Calvinist church.

The ceiling was covered by painted wood panels, on the carved wood chairs hand embroidered carpets could be seen.

Then we went to Magyarlóna where our accommodation was. Later, everyone occupied their rooms and after dinner we all went to bed.


Second day:

When we finished breakfast we headed to the Tordai Hasadék (Torda Canyon). We took part in a little excursion which everyone could do at their own tempo.

While we were walking in the canyon it started raining, many of us turned back but the toughest completed the tour.

When everybody finished we had lunch together and tasted one of Transylvania’s specialties, miccs.

Subsequently, as everyone was soaking wet we decided to go to Magyarlóna instead of Torockó. There, we dried off and after dinner we traveled to Kolozsvár.

At the Házsongárd cemetery we saw Apáczai Csere János’ tomb and our class showed its respect to the name giver of our school by laying a wreath there. Following this, we went to the Brassai Sámuel Theoretical Lycee where the Transylvanian students welcomed us with grace and love. After a dance party with their guidance we took part in a walk which showed the most important parts of the city. It ended on the top of the mountain. We got on our bus and drove back to our apartments.



Third day:

After breakfast, we said goodbye to our hosts and headed to Torockó.

Following some free time we visited the museum where we got to know the past of the town (the sun rises twice a day), the ancient vocations of its inhabitants, their traditional costumes and their traditions. We also entered the Unitarian church and admired the huge cliff Székelykő and traveled to Marosvásárhely.

There, we saw all the sights and stopped at a museum where we listened to the history of the special stained glass windows. After this, we went to Korond (famous for its clay vases and plates). We occupied our rooms and had dinner together.

When everyone finished we gathered in the community hall and finished the day by singing together.


Fourth day:

We started our last day at Gyilkos-tó (Killer Lake).

There we had the opportunity to buy souvenirs and the brave could even go boating on the lake.

We continued our trip by going up to the Békás-szoros (Békás Gorge). The bus took us up to the hill and we walked down to the valley.

A beautiful creek was flowing  on one side of the road together with some small waterfalls while on the other side of the road souvenir shops stood with many valuable gifts.

After this, we headed to the Medve-tó (Bear Lake),

which we walked around

and headed back to our accommodation. When we finished dinner everyone started packing as we were leaving  in the early morning.


Fifth day:

In the early morning we loaded our bags on the bus and began our journey. We stopped at Segesvár where we visited the Petőfi Sándor memorial (Petőfi’s pear tree, Petőfi wrote his last poem sitting under this pear tree).

After this we visited  Dracula’s birth place and when our free time was over we continued our trip back home. Our last stop in Transylvania was Gyergyószentmiklós, where we visited the Armenian church and we tried a cake, called Marlenka.

We spent the rest of the trip sleeping and watching movies. Luckily, the border control was quick again so we arrived sooner than we anticipated. Everyone was tired but we left the bus with even more joy.

We had a very exciting trip, where

we enjoyed the kindness of Transylvanian people

we learned jokes  about  Szekely people

we tasted special Tranylvanian food (csorbaleves, puliszka, miccs)

we walked a lot

we traveled a lot

we laughed a lot and we had fun!

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