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Parlamenti Különóra



Why is it worth visiting the Hungarian Parliament?
(„Parlamenti Különóra” program középiskolásoknak)

On Monday we had the opportunity to visit the Parliament of Hungary. Many questionned our trip but they do not know what an unforgettable experience it was. There is a program organised by the government especially for high school students which gives us the chance to get to know the daily life and have a peek into its operation process. Moreover, the government even supports the travelling fees. Our class, the 10.A from the Ank secondary school, had an amazing day there and we would like to tell you all about it.
Firstly, we had to go through a security check where we met our guide who accompanied us to the lower-house court room. We started off our day by an extra lesson held by Mr. Hiller, the former minister of culture and education. Then we could ask him questions about the issues concerning us and even about the future of education. He was very precise and gave us detailed explanation. According to him, learning languages, being good at IT and having a driver’s licence are necessary for a successful adulthood. Following this, there was a simulation game where we could compete with other classes, experience a court session and see what it is like to be a representative. In addition to this, a copious lunch was presented. A fun, enjoyable and educational quiz followed it, where the grand prize was a cake. Sadly, we have not won it. Our guide was with us all day, he told us many facts and interesting pieces of information about the building. He was kind and enthusiastic as he guided us through.
One of the most outstanding pieces in the Parliament are the coronation jewels. They are kept in a high resistance, bulletproof glass safe. Along with the safe, there are quards who ensure the jewels’ safety. Without doubt, this was one of the most unforgettable experiences we had. We felt like royalty as the whole room was decorated with gold and velvet. It should be noted that not all tourists get the opportunity to have a visit this detailed and informative. After our tour of the Parliament some quards showed us show they act on special occasions and we could see a changing of the quards.
All in all, the day was divine and extraordinary. We all made memories which we can take on and our bonds with our classmates became stronger. Luckily, the program is still going on and we advise you to participate in it if you get the chance.
Galacz Bence and Bacsó Dóra 10.A
Pécs, 22nd May, 2019